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Rich TV is a reliable source for anyone seeking the most recent quote for any stock. We give you the current price, trading volume, price charts across multiple date ranges, historical data and a whole lot more in just a few clicks.

Top 10 Crypto Of The Month

Symbol Name Last Prev Close Change %CHG Watchlist
AXS/USD Axie Infinity US Dollar $12.22 $12.55 -0.33000 -2.62948 Watchlist
NEAR/USD NEAR Protocol US Dollar $3.5 $3.556 -0.05600 -1.57480 Watchlist
WBTC/BTC Wrapped Bitcoin Bitcoin $0.9999 $1.0001 -0.00020 -0.02000 Watchlist
LDO/USD Lido DAO US Dollar $1.469 $1.509 -0.04000 -2.65076 Watchlist
DAI/USD Dai US Dollar $0.9999 $0.9999 0.00000 0.00000 Watchlist
CAKE/USD PancakeSwap US Dollar $4.458 $4.52 -0.06200 -1.37168 Watchlist
KLAY/USD Klaytn US Dollar $0.1901 $0.1933 -0.00320 -1.65546 Watchlist
BUSD/USD Binance USD US Dollar $1 $0.9999 +0.00010 +0.01000 Watchlist
HNT/USD Helium US Dollar $4.92 $5.06 -0.14000 -2.76680 Watchlist
THETA/USD Theta Network US Dollar $1.052 $1.061 -0.00900 -0.84825 Watchlist

Top 10 Stocks Of The Month

Symbol Name Last Change $CHG Volume Watchlist
CG Carlyle Group LP-The $25.84 -0.40000 -1.52439 2998500 Watchlist
CAE CAE Inc $15.33 -0.43000 -2.72843 264200 Watchlist
DG Dollar General Corp $239.86 +0.39000 +0.16286 2239000 Watchlist
QCOM QUALCOMM Inc $112.98 -1.85999 -1.61964 7565700 Watchlist
TAC TransAlta Corp $8.83 -0.07000 -0.78651 307700 Watchlist
HUT Hut 8 Mining Corp. $1.78 -0.03000 -1.65746 8425900 Watchlist
CURA Curaleaf Holdings Inc $6.85 +0.05000 +0.73529 132620 Watchlist
SNOW Snowflake Inc $169.96001 -0.37999 -0.22308 5485500 Watchlist
CNQ Canadian Natural Resources Ltd $46.57 -0.16000 -0.34239 2081000 Watchlist

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Rich TV is a truly multifaceted platform that provides a host of capabilities aimed at empowering new and seasoned traders alike. Here’s what you get when you sign-up free:


Rich's Top Picks

Carefully selected by Richard himself, Rich's Top Picks contains penny stocks with huge upside. They may be undervalued and underappreciated at first, but stocks recommended in this section eventually go on to soar to amazing heights & generate huge returns.

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Watch List

Create a portfolio of companies/indexes you wish to track and analyze. Any company added to your watch list will trigger an alert in your email inbox, so you can always keep track of when its price goes up or down.

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Market Movers

Keep track of top gainers that may indicate possibilities to trade bullish momentum or signal a peak that might lead to a decrease in share price in the near future. Also monitor top losers which may either be a terrific opportunity or a precursor to a lengthier, more painful, slog out of the hole.

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Keep abreast of the ever-changing market situation with frequent alerts sent right to your email inbox. Be it an overview of what lies ahead, a weekly round-up of how the market played out, news & analysis, trading tutorials - we’ve got you covered!

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The support, knowledge and positivity in the group is beyond anything I have ever been a part of.

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This is the best trading club in the world. Finding companies early, and winning. Rich Tv changed my life.


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Great place to get educated about stocks, shares and cryptocurrencies. Support of the team behind and community is what you need. Picks of great companies, due diligence and help from others is what you get here.

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