Binance appoints Richard Teng as CEO to steer compliance overhaul

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has appointed Richard Teng as its new CEO in a strategic move aimed at bolstering regulatory compliance and corporate governance. Teng, formerly in regulatory roles at the Abu Dhabi Global Market and Singapore Exchange (OTC:SPXCY), assumes leadership during a period of legal challenges and operational restructuring for the company.

Speaking at the Fortune Global Forum, Teng emphasized the significance of collaboration with federal prosecutors and regulators. This comes after Binance’s $4.3 billion settlement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to resolve charges against ex-CEO Changpeng Zhao. Teng advocates for a user-centric approach and emphasizes financial freedom, foreseeing that increased regulatory clarity and trust could elevate cryptocurrency adoption rates from 5% to a more ambitious 20-30%.

Teng’s appointment is part of Binance’s broader initiative to transition from a startup to a mature financial institution. His goal is to establish global regulatory standards for the cryptocurrency sector, mirroring those of traditional banking. The introduction of a structured corporate model, including a board of directors, aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the organization.

With his extensive background in financial regulation, Teng is well-positioned to guide Binance through its current legal challenges, including a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fine and securities misconduct allegations involving the former CEO. This leadership change signifies a commitment to addressing past developmental issues and achieving a standard of regulatory compliance that could reshape Binance’s future in the global financial landscape.