Chiliz (CHZ) price forecast after launch of NFT-Based memorabilia authentication service

Chiliz (CHZ/USD) announced the opening of, which would offer a complete turnkey B2B solution for storage, NFC, and NFT verification and redemption and sales for memorabilia.

The blockchain-based sports entertainment platform Socios is powered by Chiliz (CHZ), a digital currency for the sports and entertainment sector.

Socios enables users to participate in the governance of their favorite sports brands through fan tokens.

NFT-Based memorabilia authentication service as a catalyst for growth

In the latest Chiliz News, Memorabilia providers will receive full digital authentication services through

All of the displayed memorabilia will be re-authenticated utilizing embedded NFC chips, enabling fans and collectors to authenticate the memorabilia using their cellphones instantly.

At the point in time when it is NFC chipped, will mint the corresponding NFT on the Chiliz blockchain.

These NFTs will feature individualized digital content pertinent to them, such as sports highlights or original content, and even a formal link to each item’s Proof-of-Reserve (PoR).

These NFTs can also be delivered to the client for sale or auction, on the native storefront, or through any NFT marketplace that supports the Chiliz Chain 2.0.

The introduction of this solution can drive the value of CHZ further.

Should you buy Chiliz (CHZ)?

On December 20, 2022, Chiliz (CHZ) had a value of $0.110994.

CHZ/USD Chart by Tradingview

The Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency reached its all-time high on March 13, 2021, when its price was $0.878633. Here, we can observe that the token’s ATH value was $0.767639, or 691%, greater.

When we go over the weekly performance, we can see that Chiliz (CHZ) had its low point at $0.106099 while its high point was at $0.146688. Here we can see an increase of $0.040589 or 38%.

Chiliz (CHZ24-hour )’s performance saw a low point of $0.106092 and a high point of $0.117753 for the stock. This was an 11% or $0.011661 rise. Given that CHZ can increase in value to $0.14 by the end of December 2022, investors will want to purchase CHZ.

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