OKX football fans can mint free FIFA NFTs and earn USDT during the World Cup 2022

The cryptocurrency exchange platform OKX has taken it a step further by helping the OKX Football Cup players to mint free OKX Football Cup NFTs after announcing a football competition that will run concurrently with the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

While players must stake 0.01 Ethereum (ETH/USD) in order to mint an NFT, they can redeem their staked ETH at the conclusion of the OKX Football Cup. As a result, the newly created NFTs are completely free, aside from the cost of gas.

How to mint the free FIFA NFTs on OKX

Between now and 12:00 December 2022 (UTC+0), when the FIFA 2022 Group stage is supposed to end, you can mint up to three football team NFTs. The football team NFTs can also be purchased via the OKX NFT Marketplace, but why pay when you can get them for nothing?

So, in order to mint the free NFTs, go to the OKX Football Cup event page, select “wallet” in the top left, click “NFT Marketplace,” and then select “Free Mint.” Select your preferred team from the 32 available teams, connect your wallet, and stake 0.01 ETH to get a free OKX Football NFT.

The staked ETH are redeemable at the end of the OKX Football Cup tournament.

You can only mint one NFT at a time on the OKX website. However, if you want to get two more NFTs, download the OKX App.

If your Ethereum wallet is empty of ether, you can exchange other cryptocurrencies for it or add more money to buy it. You should have enough money set aside to cover the network fees associated with the transfers and swaps.

You can view your NFTs by selecting “view my NFTs” after minting your OKX Football Cup NFTs.

Winning rewards with OKX Football Cup NFTs

If the team for which you issued NFTs triumphs, you join the group of NFT holders who will split the predetermined prize pool for each game.

The prize pool for each match in the group stage of the competition has been fixed at USDT 20,000 by OKX. The NFT owners who supported the winning team will divide the prize money after each match concludes. NFT owners on each team will split a prize pot of 10,000 USDT if a game is a draw.

It’s important to remember that players cannot mint NFTs while their teams are competing and that the free mint of football team NFTs will end once the group stage is over.

For each NFT during the Knockout stage, OKX adds 10 USDT. This implies that OKX will increase the prize pool by an additional 3000 USDT if, for instance, France and England are competing and 100 France NFTs and 200 England NFTs were issued during the group stage. Similar to the group stage, the owners of NFTs whose team wins split the prize fund’s USDT.

You can choose to burn your football team NFTs after the knockout stage is over in order to stop making predictions about the future and have your share of the rewards from the knockout stage immediately added to your prize balance.

As the international football tournament continues, go to OKX to mint your NFT if you want to earn some USDT rewards.

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