OTC Markets Group Welcomes Sustainable Green Team Ltd. to OTCQX

NEW YORK, Dec. 05, 2022 — OTC Markets Group Inc. (OTCQX: OTC), the operator of regulated markets for trading 12,000 U.S. and foreign securities, said today that Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (OTCQX: SGTM), a wholesale manufacturer and seller of wood-based mulch, soil, and timber products, has qualified to trade on the OTCQX Best Market. Sustainable Green Team Ltd. moved from the Pink market to OTCQX.

Investors have access to a premier U.S. public market through the OTCQX Market, where they can research and trade the shares of companies that cater to investors. For businesses, graduating from the OTCQX Market is a significant turning point since it gives them a chance to prove their worth to American investors and increase their visibility. Companies must adhere to best practices in corporate governance, fulfill strict financial standards, and show that they have complied with all applicable securities laws to be eligible for OTCQX.

Anthony L.G., PLLC acted as the company’s OTCQX sponsor.

About Sustainable Green Team Ltd.

The Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (the “Company”) is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of wood-based mulch, soil, and lumber products. In addition to wholesalers and distributors, the Company sells directly to mass merchandisers, home centers, hardware stores, nurseries, garden centers, convenience stores, food stores, and drugstores. The business offers green trash solutions to big and little waste disposal and recycling businesses in the Southeast of the United States, along with arbour care and storm recovery services for private, public, and municipal clients. The largest provider of cypress mulch in the US is Mulch Manufacturing Inc., a subsidiary of the Company. The Company and the Australian-based VRM Biologik Group have agreed to scale up the introduction of VRM’s cutting-edge soil moisture technology to the United States. The soil treatment products HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio® improve the soil, vegetation, and agricultural products they support by rehydrating the soil at the cellular level. The Company makes HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio® available for home gardens and lawns throughout the U.S. to help relieve water use in cities and to help VRM Biologik Group in its mission to restore productivity in depleted topsoil in 25 percent of the world’s arable land.

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OTC Markets OTC Markets Group Welcomes Sustainable Green Team Ltd. to OTCQX