Get Ahead of The 5G Curve With Cisco’s Secure & Agile Networks

Cisco Systems (CSCO:NASDAQ)

CSCO’s secure and agile networks segment is a behemoth, representing a whopping 50% of the company’s revenue, which totals a staggering $25 billion. And according to management, this segment is seeing incredible year-over-year growth of nearly 29% in Q3 of this year. But Cisco is not resting on its laurels. In a move that will bolster it’s already impressive performance monitoring business, the company recently announced its intent to acquire Accedian, a leading network performance monitoring partner with an established 5G network. 

The potential benefits of this acquisition are huge and underscore Cisco’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology innovation. We’re bullish on Cisco’s prospects and believe that with the current market trends, it’s poised to experience solid upside potential, with an estimated target of $62.00-$64.00.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA:NASDAQ)


Tesla, one of the most innovative companies in the world, recently experienced a dip in their earnings. This has sparked discussions among investors on the possibility of seeing a further descending trend with more bearish pressure. 

However, for those who are analytical and strategic, this could actually prove to be an opportunity. Many experts are predicting the retest of the previous daily support at $245 and eventually the creation of a new all-time high. This is definitely an exciting time for the industry and investors are eagerly waiting to see what lies ahead for Tesla.



MATIC, the popular cryptocurrency, has been making some notable moves in recent days. After falling off the $0.70 level of support, it is now trading at $0.7119, a level just below a resistance line that goes back to mid-July. If the price manages to break through this resistance line, then the next major obstacle for the cryptocurrency is the $0.75 level. 

However, if the market turns bearish, MATIC could lose its current support level and fall to $0.65. Below this, a significant support zone spans from $0.55 to $0.60. These indicators make it an interesting time to follow MATIC and see which direction it chooses to go in.



As investors, it’s important to constantly keep an eye on the markets and their fluctuations. One asset that’s recently caught our attention is ATOM. While it’s currently trading below a white, downward-sloping trend line, there’s the possibility that it could break above it, leading to an increase in momentum. 

If this were to happen, the next target would be the 200-day moving average at $11.25. However, we can’t get ahead of ourselves. It’s crucial to wait for confirmation through closing candles above the trend line before we make any moves. Despite the uncertainty, keeping ATOM on our watchlist could prove to be a smart move in the future.