Liberty Energy: Ambitious Expansion Plans Include Doubling Capacity and Shifting Fleets to Natural Gas by 2024, Launches Foundation for Energy Access in Africa

Liberty Energy (LBRT: NYSE)

Liberty Energy (LBRT), a provider of hydraulic services and support to onshore oil and gas exploration and production companies in North America, is highlighted for its ambitious expansion plans. The company aims to double the capacity of its Liberty Power Innovations business in 2024 and shift 90% of its fleets to be primarily powered by natural gas by the end of the same year. This strategic transition is identified as the main driver for the company’s future growth.

Additionally, LBRT’s launch of the Bettering Human Lives Foundation, dedicated to improving energy access in Africa, underscores its commitment to strategic investments in technology and infrastructure to enhance efficiency and diversify revenue streams.

The analysis expresses a bullish outlook on Liberty Energy (LBRT), suggesting an entry above the $17.50-$18.50 range, with an upside target set in the $28.00-$30.00 range.

Sphere Entertainment (SPHR: NYSE)

Sphere Entertainment

Sphere Entertainment (SPHR), an entertainment company with a focus on live events, is highlighted for its ownership of the iconic “Sphere” in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the earnings call, CEO James Dolan reported impressive performance, stating that Sphere averaged over $1 million in daily ticket sales in October. This figure surpassed analyst expectations and showcased the company’s strong revenue generation.

Furthermore, advertisers are now leveraging the exterior digital displays of the Sphere, adding an additional revenue stream. The positive performance of the Sphere in Las Vegas raises the possibility that it can be a profitable entity on its own, eliminating the need to expand to other markets.

The analysis expresses a bullish sentiment on Sphere Entertainment (SPHR), suggesting an entry above the $30.00-$31.00 range, with an upside target set in the $45.00-$46.00 range.

Solana (SOLUSDT)


SOL has exhibited a bullish trend in recent months, and there’s anticipation for a potential upward move. Currently consolidating within the $95.00 to $105.00 resistance range, a strategic entry for a long trade is being contemplated. The plan involves awaiting either another test of the lower range support at $94.00 or a decisive break above the $105.00 level before initiating the trade.

In terms of profit-taking, two target areas have been identified. The first lies within the range of $118 to $125, while the second extends from $140 to $150. These targets align with potential price movements as SOL navigates its current consolidation phase. To manage potential losses, a well-defined stop-loss order has been set just below $93, providing a protective measure for the trade.

This approach reflects a thoughtful strategy, combining both technical analysis and risk management, to capitalize on SOL’s bullish momentum while remaining vigilant to potential market fluctuations. As always, market conditions can evolve, and adaptability is key to navigating the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency trading.

Polygon (MATICUSD)


It seems that MATIC has returned to the buy zone and is currently moving away, aiming for the next resistance level at $0.88. This particular level is significant as it represents the upper boundary of the range that has been forming since last November. At such a critical point, it’s anticipated that there may be a notable reaction, especially considering the historical significance of this resistance.

However, it’s important to note that market dynamics, especially in the cryptocurrency space, are often influenced by various factors, with Bitcoin playing a central role. The reaction at the $0.88 resistance level is likely to be influenced by broader market trends and Bitcoin’s movements.

Keeping a close eye on Bitcoin’s behavior and its impact on overall market sentiment will be crucial in gauging potential reactions and making informed decisions. Technical analysis, coupled with an understanding of broader market dynamics, can help navigate these situations and better position oneself in response to evolving trends.