Crypto Market Update – What Could Happen In The Next 15 Days?

It’s natural to be getting frustrated by the current slowness of the crypto market. But despite the turbulent times, sitting tight just a couple of weeks longer may bring about an incredible change of fortunes for you. Check out the following crypto market update below to find out why.

Are you falling for the bait?

The whole crypto cycle is being reset, and Bitcoin manipulation is in progress with the aim of prolonging the time period. Look around you, hundreds of traders like yourself have abandoned crypto for good. Most are weary of it and see no future. This is precisely how people are tricked into thinking that it is all over when, in reality, it is just getting started.

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Look at the bigger picture

According to a crypto market update, prices could rise eventually, but it may take longer than we anticipate. Do not get caught up in the short-term spikes and corrections/setbacks; there are a number of reasons why the markets are being repressed and manipulated, and this is causing the whole market to range.

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A huge attack by the bulls is around the corner

You will be shocked at how quickly we reach $30,000; it might be as little as 10–15 days. There will be a chosen few coins that go over 500% while the rest of the market is sluggish and will follow these coins 3-6 weeks later. Irrespective of how often the markets fluctuate, things are looking positive overall. Don’t stress over it. There is also a fractal that predicts an unexpected price increase in Bitcoin and certain other cryptocurrencies during the next 15 days.

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Best course of action

Stop wasting time and start focusing on expanding your investment holdings. Smart traders and investors act just when necessary and then patiently wait for their returns. 99% of you are being duped, and you’ll all be out of the markets when the good times begin. Remember that. After 15-25 days, institutional investors will begin purchasing altcoins, explaining the sudden price increases.

We hope you found this article on the crypto market update for the coming few days useful. Please be reminded that the stuff discussed in this article is just a prediction of some trading experts, and there is no guarantee of it turning out to be true. Remember to do your due diligence before engaging in any kind of trade. For more insightful content, visit Also remember to follow us on social media and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Thanks for reading.