US With Highest Number of Closed Bitcoin ATMs in Negative Growth Year

Over a challenging year for the entire market, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has decreased globally. According to recent research, Australia leads the list of new installations, while the United States has lost the most machines providing crypto teller services.

2022 Ends With Fewer Bitcoin ATMs Globally; US Removes Almost 200 Devices

In the previous year, fewer automated teller machines (ATMs) let consumers buy cryptocurrencies or convert coins to currency. The period saw a negative rise of 88 units or -0.2%, with the number of bitcoin ATMs falling from 38,691 to 38,603, according to statistics provided by Coin ATM Radar. According to the tracking website,

This is the first time we can see a negative number of Bitcoin ATM installations.

The figures come from the Radar’s Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics December 2022 report. The study shows that the U.S. remains the pronounced leader in active ATMs, with 33,941 locations out of a global total of 38,608. 188, or 0.6%, of the country’s total number of crypto ATMs, were deleted last year.

The authors noted that the United States, which is often dominant, is in last place when looking at the list of the most active nations. With 50 new installations or an increase of over 30%, Australia has moved to the top of the list.

The next country with a growth rate of 0.6% is Canada, which now has 2,558 BATMs after installing 16 more. Then comes Hong Kong, which had nine more machines at the end of 2022 than it did at the start of the year, representing a 6.8% growth and a new record high for the Chinese particular administrative area of 142.

Latin America’s fastest-growing country, Mexico, had a rise of 41 machines, or 17.1%, from 35. Approximately a dozen more European countries follow them in terms of their favorable statistics, but overall, the Old Continent is still far behind North America.

One of the other interesting research findings is that about 68% of bitcoin ATMs now support other cryptocurrencies in addition to BTC. This percentage has increased over the observation period. Dash was the coin that saw the most additions in December, at 11 (an increase of 0.18%).

The three most active producers of crypto teller machines are still General Bytes, Genesis Coin, and Freedom Gateway. 222 devices were installed on General Bytes during the time under investigation. Coinhub, Coinflip Bitcoin ATMs, Olliv, and Coin Time were the operators that saw significant increases in the number of machines they were managing.

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