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The trading school is a centralized repository of trading books, investing videos and insights from seasoned traders that you can learn from hugely and make prudent investment decisions day in and day out.


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The trading school houses a wealth of information available in various forms including books, videos and much more. As an elaborate and continuously-expanding repository of learning materials, it serves as a one-stop destination for knowledge seekers and a virtual trading academy of sorts.

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The idea behind the trading school is to empower you by providing a thorough understanding of all stock/cryptocurrency concepts and strategies that are essential to understand in the trading business, so you may be able to refine your investing skillset and make informed decisions.

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More Than Just Education

While an integral part of the trading school is the literature offered, there’s more to it than meets the eye. A very important feature that complements the learning materials available to members, is the exam center that enables you to evaluate your knowledge uptake, and determine whether you are fully equipped to correctly decipher trends and make the right moves in all sorts of market conditions.

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Always Stay Up-To-Date

As trading concepts keep evolving over time, we try our level best to periodically update all the learning materials we offer so they may remain relevant at the time the reader accesses them. That being said, as the stock & crypto markets are inherently risky, we encourage readers to do their research and verify all information they come across before making an investment decision.

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What You’ll Get in Trading School

As an all-round source of education and guidance, the trading school is designed to cater to traders who want all knowledge bases covered prior to making crucial investments. Here’s what Rich TV members get as part of Trading School:


Hundreds of educational books & endless duration of video content


Access to live trading demonstrations


Guidance on setting up stock & cryptocurrency accounts


Continuous training on how to buy low, sell high & lock in massive profits


Tutoring on charts, patterns & indicators


Tips on what kind of stocks/crypto to buy & when


Suggestions on how to control your emotional biases and think rationally


Expert trading advice directly from Richard De Sousa himself