Oraichain Labs US launches with asset tokenization platform for capital markets

Oraichain Labs US (OLUS), a new financial technology startup looking to streamline access to capital markets via blockchain technology, has officially launched.

The fintech company, which announced its entry into the United States market on Wednesday, said in a press release shared with Invezz that their goal is to offer best of class in asset fractionalisation.

In this way, the platform will help modernise and broaden overall access to capital markets, powered by decentralised ledger technology and leveraging secure, highly scalable and compliance-focused infrastructure.

Democratising asset ownership

As per OLUS, its technology makes it easier for asset owners and investors to tap into on-chain tools for issuance, management and validation of real-world assets.

Particularly, OLUS’ blockchain-based infrastructure seeks to help solve pain points for real estate assets and other owners of traditionally illiquid asset classes. These include navigating through what’s often a complex paper-driven due diligence process and the attendant costs. Providing on-chain data aggregation and democratising co-ownership is a key benefit that could help unlock value for owners, the firm noted.

Users can also leverage the platform’s tools to access fresh liquidity while benefiting from robust security and compliance mechanisms.

To help achieve the compliance goals, OLUS has partnered with the Oraichain Foundation. This will see the fintech work with the foundation on “a compliance-aware token standard” which will help enforce know your customer (KYC) checks, token transfer rules, and lockup periods among other aspects designed to align the project with regulatory requirements. 

Initially, Oraichain Labs US will focus on real estate and small and midsize businesses (SMBs) within the US markets before opening its infrastructure to other asset classes.

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