Bitcoin will hit $200K before $70K ‘bear market’ next cycle.

Bitcoin BTC $23,177has “well-formed” evidence, which suggests that its next all-time high will top out at $200,000, one analyst says.

Stochastic indicator offers Bitcoin bulls historical firepower

For many people, Bitcoin’s four-year halving cycles continue to constrain BTC price movement. One “all-time high year” is offered by the resulting price pattern every four years, with 2025 coming in second.

Bitcoin’s block subsidy halving will occur a year prior, and from then on, Alan argues, the path will be open to a giant $200,000.

Analysis of Bitcoin’s stochastic oscillator, which tracks cycle highs and lows in BTC/USD, led to the determination of that price. The indicator is currently printing its most recent low, and price behavior will follow suit if history is any indication.

A stochastic oscillator is a volatility tool, which compares closing prices to historical averages.

Alan concluded with an example chart, “Bitcoin well-formed structure with stochastic behaviour predicts that the next ATH will be at 200K and the next floor will be at 70K.

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There is a well-known difference of opinion regarding Bitcoin’s future potential in terms of U.S. dollars, as evidenced by the responses to the post.

Despite this, $200,000 can seem low to some seasoned market participants, given that it is just 189% higher than the current all-time high from November 2021.

Consensus predicts that the size of BTC investment returns would decline over time in percentage terms, with long-term volatility decreasing periodically.

PlanB eyes $32,000 BTC price next

The analyst behind the contentious Stock-to-Flow family of BTC pricing models, PlanB, is also upbeat about the current situation.

He thinks that the way Bitcoin behaved in January was a significant turning point and cites some on-chain indicators as evidence.

Among the latest is realized return, which tracks the aggregate profitability of spent coins.

“Realized return just popped positive! Sellers are now taking profit (green) instead of cutting losses (blue) .. big difference,” PlanB commented on a chart.

PlanB added that Bitcoin’s next short-term target should be $32,000, based on realized price data.

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